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“Scash” to make car sharing a breeze


Field staffs driving company vehicle during their sales calls had to report back to the company at the end of each day to switch cars to go home, making unnecessary redundant trips.


“Scash” allows companies and its employees to share their cars by tracking business use and personal use of their cars – with a simple click of a button in a mobile app. (no more mileage calculating for expense reports !)

By incorporating “Scash”, our client is now able to provide flexible and efficient way to work for its employees improving their “ work x life balance” all the while optimizing their resource utilization.

For example, employees are able to pick up their kids in a company vehicle straight after a client visit or stop by at a client office to make a business call on the way to the office without making redundant trips to switch between company cars and their private cars.

Use Cases

Field sales, route sales, managing freelancers and contractors

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